The One
The Only
About ME
I Live in the Dallas/ Ft Worth area.  My Art work consists of mix media  to
steel abstract sculptors  and facial sculptors.

I look forward to sharing my art and my sculptures with You, My Friends and
the World.

I enjoy Receiving Your feed back and comments on my art, to look at some
bodies face or listen to there thoughts , simply put — to be inspired.
I Sacrifice My Hands for the Beauty I Create .
The Scars I have Received in my Life are only a
Reminder that I am Alive.
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My sculpture reflects an intense relationship between
And the material I am working with.
This relationship is based on my reactions and
responses to the material.
I choose to transform and energize each piece through
cutting, welding, forming and Cutting again.
There are no templates to follow, no design
specifications, or boundaries to stay within. Everything
is free-flowing, unique and bold.
Welding, brazing and mechanical fastening are some of
Processes used in Fabrication.
The final work's surface finish is somewhere between
the vast extremes of rough ground jagged edges and
highly polished mirrored finishes,
Often several extremes are reflected within the
Individual piece.
I am 100% invested both personally and professionally
in all aspects of my work.

Case in point - Highly physical processes create
delicate structures
(Delicate in idea or form, but not necessarily
presence) ...
Raw Strength meets tender emotion.
Idea-driven, form-driven, connective.
A Marriage of ideas and materials.