La JUDICE rigs
Medium Angel Rigs
Angel Rig - Medium
  • 5ft of pipe 1-5/8" tube steel 9/64
  • 4ft 6in wide
  • 19 Points
of eye bolt to eye bolt
  • weighs 14lbs
  • use 800lbs welded eye bolts (Fully Tested)  
  • include two 3/8-16 stainless shoulder eye bolts,
    1200lbs on the top side for rigging.
  • have all tube length tolerances +-.50
  • are raw and unpainted
  • ship with un-installed eye bolts to prevent
  • are made with 1-5/8 tube steel with 9/64 wall
OPTIONAL ADD ONS (email for price estimate)
  • rigs can be modified
  • eye bolts can be upgraded in size and length
  • powder coating is available in any color
  • end caps can be welded for $30
  • material can be upgraded to stainless steel
Shipping is not included in the price.
Same rig with 13 points 4" from center
of eye bolt to eye bolt