Greensburg Tornado - A twister literally destroyed Greensburg Kansas
overnight. The Greensburg tornado have rescuers searching on Saturday for
any people believed to be trapped in a partially collapsed buildings and
homes after the powerful twister with F4-EF5 like characteristics tore through
the Kansas community.
At least 10 people  have been reported killed and as many as 60 people are
said to be injured, 16 critical. The National Weather Service described the
event as a "wedge," an especially broad and tall formation.

Initial reports from storm spotters estimated that the path of the damage could
be as much as two miles wide.

The tornado struck the town at about 9:45 p.m. Friday, Residents reported
that tornado sirens sounded for about 15 minutes, then fell silent when the
power was knocked out.

Rescuers pulled about 30 people from a partially collapsed hospital Saturday
after an extremely powerful tornado left a broad swath of destruction in the
Kiowa County town about 110 miles west of Wichita.

Up to 75% of the town is said to have been leveled. Survivors of the storm
were said to be "wandering around like zombies."
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Clean Up
The Big well was completed in 1888, it was 109 feet deep and 32 feet in
diameter. It served as the city's water supply until 1932. The well was
covered and opened as a tourist attraction in 1939. Since then, over
3,000,000 people have visited the "Big Well."

People have been tossing money and other items into the Big Well since
it's beginning. In 1990, the town hired divers to clean the bottom of the
well A silver onyx crucifix, shoes, coins, and even a rubber snake and frog
were found. These items are on display in the gift shop.

For $2 You can walk the 105 steps to the bottom will be impressed with
this century-old feat. The lights in the 15' of water enable one to see all the
way to the bottom.

Scientists located a rare meteorite in a wheat field thanks to new ground
penetrating radar technology that someday might be used on Mars.
A Few Before Pics
This Is what the sign looked like after the tornado
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