Beauty Within a Night Mare
She is some one how is not in
touch with the every day realty
in which we live.
Desire of a perfect
disturbed deeply, it
thrives within her veins.
Corrupted at an early age,
Living in her
claustrophobic cage,
mindless conformity in the minority.
Holding in her deep dark
to the point she can not Function.
Her life has reached its junction
as her
mind parts separate ways.
She cannot pick which
decision to make.
No longer do her ideas
affect her.
A problematic dysfunctional Life  
has  led up to this.
What will she do
Where will she go?
Her weak mind takes counsel,
only to be
wrongly advised.
She can
no longer run . Now    
Life Has Been Created!
She now Lives with A constant Feeling of
uncertainty .
She will have to share her World.
A world she will never fully Know.
fate has been sealed.
To live her every day as a night mare.
She sits and thinks of what might have
become. To only Dream of a Future   were
she feels alive
, She realizes ,   her
emotions are lost forever.
She Closes her Eyes,Takes Flight,
Only to see the light .She is free.
She Live inside the fantasy .......
Her Sanity Is no More
Beauty Within a
Night Mare
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